I can't tell you how much to charge for a deposition but the average is:

Your office Deposition $450.00- $650.00 per hour.  

Some doctors are charging $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 per Office Deposition. 

Court Deposition $1,000 - $9,000.00 (Including Records Review)


 Dear Doctor,

When I received my first subpoena for a deposition I basically freaked out. I was at a complete loss. I called several doctors, but the only advice I could muster was to read the patient’s records and answer all the questions. This advice was no help to me. The Lawyer, who is known as the defense lawyer in this proceeding, tore me to shreds. The whole process was upsetting and left me blaming myself for not being more prepared. However, I realized that depositions are not part of any Medical curriculum. That is when I had the idea to learn more about Medical depositions, so that I could be ready for them and share my findings with other Chiropractic Doctors.

I am not a lawyer but I did my research. I spent five years talking to lawyer and doctors. I went to court to see deposition process. My research furnished me with valuable insight into the deposition process and led me to the typical questions that lawyers ask Doctors during a deposition.

The Key is Preparation
If you are like me,
You don’t like surprises

Why not prepare for the Deposition ahead of time. I am giving you the questions and some of the answers. 

Be Prepared, no surprises!


I have seen chiropractors sweating and nervous during a deposition. 

I have seen chiropractors lose their composure during the trial.

Imagine the surprise of the defendant/ Insurance lawyer when you answer all his questions without sweating or getting nervous. 

Do not wait any more, the insurance lawyers are getting ready. Are you?
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Next time the insurance company gets one of your Personal Injury cases, they will settle before a deposition or trial.

You will create a mystique about yourself; lawyers will call you to do business with you.


Shredding your Chiropractic testimony!

I have selected fourteen questions from The Chiropractor’s Deposition Handbook.  If you have problems with one or any of the questions you need my book. 

1. Q: Isn’t it a fact that your state law prohibits you from practicing in hospitals?

2. Q: Doctor, I don’t see in your records the Informed Consent to Chiropractic Treatment form. Did you inform Mr. Smith of the risk of chiropractic treatment?

3. Q: Doctor, according to your records Mr. Smith had radiculopathy on the left leg. Why didn’t you refer him for an MRI?

4: Q: Doctor, can you set a fracture?

5. Q: Doctor, how much are you being paid for your testimony today?

6. Q: Doctor, you saw Mr. Smith 3 times per week for 2 years? Don’t you think 208 visits is too excessive?

7. Q: Is it possible that by adjusting the patient 214 times you injured the patient’s spine or herniated a disc?

8. Q: According to your records, you did not request Mr. Smith’s medical records. Explain why you did not request the records?

9. Q: Doctor, are you certified in CPR like all medical doctors?

10. Q: Doctor, can a patient have a herniated disc and have no symptoms?

11. Doctor, do you specialize in nerves?

12. Doctor, what is the 3rd cranial nerve? 

13. Doctor, what nerve innervates the scalene muscle?  If you have a problem answering this question, you need my book.

14. Q: What is the difference between a herniated disc and a bulging disc?


If you know all the answers

 “You will create an unfair competitive Position”

 In conclusion: YOU NEED MY e-book.

You will be able to download the e-book today and prepare yourself for your deposition.

This is what you save when you get my e-book:

1.      No Surprises.

2.      No hearing the questions for the first    


3.      No Sweating

4.      No nervousness

5.      No traveling to a seminar.

6.      No hotel, meals, and seminar fees

7.      No time away from your family and     practice.

8.      The material is always available to you.

9.      You will learn how to make your case stronger next time.



Be Prepared, the insurance lawyers are trained and go to seminars to learn how to discredit you.


The insurance lawyers have developed a NEW line of questioning that will basically Humiliate you and tear you apart during your testimony.


If you get humiliated and defeated in court you don’t get paid.


You need My book; do not make the mistake of thinking that you will be fine during a deposition without it.


The Chiropractor’s Deposition handbook is ready for immediate download to your computer.

"The conquering of fear is the beginning of wisdom."
J. M. Cousteau

Be Prepared don’t be scared.

  “You will create an unfair competitive Position”    



The author is not an attorney, and this book does not constitute legal advice. It has been written for educational and informational purposes, for practicing doctors who may be called upon for a deposition.

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